Best Shampoo for Thinning Hair in Menopause

Thinning hair is quite normal during menopause, but it can lead to embarrassment and affect self-esteem. Luckily for us, there are great products out there that will help stop the thinning of your hair during the menopause stage.

In this review, we take a closer look at the great features that come with this type of shampoo and how it might help.
Following is a list of some of the best products out there that might help in the fight against hair loss. So let’s get right into it, shall we?

Best Shampoo For Thinning Hair Due To Menopause

Biotin Original Anti-Thinning Shampoo From Pura D’or

This original formula is still going strong and doing the work it was intended to do, and this instills trust and peace of mind.


With this package from Pura D’or, you get shampoo and conditioner included for your convenience. This will bring the cost of this shampoo down quite a bit, and that helps provide great value for your money.

This shampoo comes with more than 20 rare and exotic ingredients included in the formula to improve the effectiveness of the product. These ingredients contain DHT blockers that will help prevent thinning of the hair very effectively and will improve hair growth.

The improvement of hair growth is possible with the many ingredients that provide all the vitamins and minerals needed for hair growth improvement. Some of these ingredients are nettle extract that will help prevent thinning, as well as saw palmetto, which promotes hair thickness.

Some of the key ingredients will also help protect and strengthen hair, such as biotin and argan oil.

Unfortunately, this shampoo might burn your eyes when you use it to wash your hair. Also, the conditioner is a bit difficult to rinse out of your hair.


  • Shampoo and conditioner are included in the package
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • No harmful chemicals used in the formula
  • Made with natural preservatives that are better for sensitive skin


  • Might burn the eyes if it washes into them
  • Conditioner does not wash out very easily


Biotin Shampoo For Hair Growth By Maple Holistics

With a strong formula and natural ingredients, this shampoo will help increase the volume of your hair.


This shampoo is ideal to be used with colored or damaged hair to help improve the condition of your hair. It is also great for people with an oily scalp and might help to improve the volume of your hair.

The natural formula of the shampoo includes tea tree to help against the formation of dandruff in the hair and on the scalp. It also contains pure rosemary essential oil that will help improve the growth of the hair through the stimulation of the hair follicles.

Furthermore, it deep cleanses the hair to remove grease and gives it a fuller and more volumized look and feel. Since the shampoo will also act as an anti-residue, it will help detox oily hair.

The root-lifting, densifying feature of the shampoo will help provide more body to your hair and increase the softness and fullness.

Unfortunately, this shampoo from Maple Holistics might take some time before you will experience the full benefit of the product, and this might cause some negative reactions.


  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Reasonable price for most people
  • Comes with quite a strong formula
  • Great to help improve hair volume


  • Might not be suitable to be used by all people
  • Might take a while to start working


HairGenics Clinical Strength Hair Regrowth Shampoo From Pronexa

With the included hair growth ingredients, this shampoo will provide good therapy to the hair and will help improve hair growth drastically.


HairGenics hair regrowth shampoo comes with DHT blockers included that will help prevent the loss of hair from your head. It also comes with a certificate to prove that only organic ingredients are used for the manufacturing of this shampoo.

Many of the ingredients are clinically researched to prove that they will help improve hair growth quite drastically. Some of these ingredients are collagen peptides, as well as vitamin B5 and other vitamins, such as biotin.

This shampoo will help promote healthy hair growth while simultaneously preventing dryness of the hair. The biotin that is found in this shampoo will help improve the elasticity of the hair and also helps strengthen the hair.

It will also help your hair grow much faster and longer, and it will improve the volume of the hair and make it thicker.

Unfortunately, this hair product from Pronexa comes with quite a high price tag attached to it. Also, it might take up to six months for this shampoo to reach its full potential.


  • Comes with a very strong formula
  • All ingredients are of natural origin
  • Quite a versatile shampoo – can be used by most people
  • Rinses very easily from the hair


  • Comes with a high price tag attached to it
  • Might take quite a few uses to work


Scalp Stimulating Keratin Shampoo From Keranique

This 100% natural shampoo might be just the thing you need to help your hair get its natural beauty and volume back.


This shampoo will help strengthen your hair and will also help improve the elasticity of your hair quite drastically. It will help create a smooth texture in your hair, as well as form a protective shield against the environment at the same time.

Additionally, this shampoo will help improve the feel and look of your hair while also providing a nice, volumizing effect to the hair. It will put the shine back in your hair while preventing further thinning of your hair.

This natural shampoo will help keep your hair and scalp healthy and will reduce the effects of humidity in the air. It will also help promote hydration to provide you with dryer and more manageable hair, as well as smoother hair.

This shampoo will not just prevent thinning but will also bring back a youthful and fuller look at the same time.

However, this shampoo from Keranique will take some time to provide you with the full benefits that come with it, maybe even up to 6 months.


  • Only natural ingredients included
  • Quite a strong formula that is very effective
  • The shampoo is simple to use
  • Comes with an easy squeeze container for better management


  • Might take a long time to show results
  • Does not detangle the hair well


Bosley Professional Strength Bosrevive Shampoo

Even though you might pay quite a high price for this shampoo, the natural greatness and excellent features included will make up for that.


This shampoo can be used by both men and women who experience visible thinning of the hair at any point. The formula used in the shampoo will bring the falling out and thinning of the hair to a complete stop and will work to reverse the process.

It is quite a gentle shampoo, and it will help reverse the DHT build-up from the surface of the scalp and hair. Also, it will simultaneously cleanse your hair of any other product build-up and any pollution from the environment.

The ColorKeeper feature that is included in the formula of the shampoo will help prolong the longevity of colored hair. This shampoo will help create a healthy glow to your hair and increase the volume to a fuller feel and look.

This shampoo also contains DHT inhibitors in the formula to help stop the thinning out of your hair after some time of use.

Unfortunately, this shampoo might take some time to work, and you will not see the optimal results you expect from the product until after a couple of months of use.


  • Can be used on different types of hair
  • Comes with quite a strong formula
  • Quite easy to use
  • Only natural ingredients are used in the shampoo


  • Comes with a high price point
  • Might be some quality issues with this product



The winner in this review will be the Pura D’or Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo and Conditioner with great results. This product comes with a great formula to help stop the thinning of your hair.

However, the much cheaper Biotin shampoo from Maple Holistics will take second place for those on a tight budget. This anti-hair thinning shampoo comes with a lot of great ingredients that will help make your hair much healthier.